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 About Franchise

How to be Franchise and Qualify

Qualifications of applicants

  • A person who can establish legal entities . Registered in the country
  • With a registered capital of one million baht
  • The availability of investment .
  • Compliance with regulations and company standards strictly .
  • Love, patience, indefatigable work – time management shop – can be trained to manage the store .
  • Availability of personnel
  • The applicant for the license Or a direct relative Pharmacists are licensed pharmacy only (case open 7-Eleven stores with pharmacies eXta Plus).

Proof of application

  • The application with photo and ID card .
  • House registration documents
  • Copy of Statement for the past 3 months .
  • Or a deposit account for the past 6 months .
  • Medical certificate ( Submitted before the training )
  • Licensed pharmacist pharmacists obtain permission or a direct relative of the applicant for the license . (Partnerships)


Journey to success as a business owner,

franchise 7-Eleven stores and drug eXta Plus.

Sponsored by the company

- Investment in equipment
- Decoration and renovation stores.
- Investment products throughout the contract period.
- Awareness and management techniques to manage the store. By providing training in both the theory and the practice.

Serving in various areas throughout the contract period.

- Delivery Officer of the Company. To assist in various functions during the initial operation.
- Sending officials Counseling to help solve various problems regularly. Or, as the case has been appealed.
- Delivery performance and quality. usually
- To help monitor the warehouse inventory.
- To help monitor the store in various fields.
- The introduction of knowledge and techniques that have been newly developed. To improve things for the better.
- Advertising through various media and promotional items on a regular basis to determine the plan of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to open a franchise Seven-Eleven stores and drug ecstasy Plus have invested much.

All you need is a pharmacist Or family / relatives at a pharmacist could request it. To the opening of the franchise Seven states and pharmacy ecstasy Plus has the same selection process Franchise Seven of the investment amount is based on the Type of Seven’s normal. not charge a franchise fee increase in any (investment of up to one second) or more details on the investment. About Franchise

Question: Why is the glass wall. Plus drug ecstasy can do without a glass partition or not.

You need a glass partition ratio. Because of the Seven States. The sale of alcohol and cigarettes. The law can not be open in the same area. It is a barrier to separate clearly the principles and practice of Boards of Pharmacy.

Question: Since Seven of the 24 hour pharmacies that sell drugs ecstasy Plus open 24 hours a yes or no.

A: When you own a restaurant franchise pharmacy ecstasy Plus, you can manage time-release drugs by themselves. Because of ecstasy into three main sections below.

  1. dangerous drug, a drug that must be dispensed by a pharmacist only. Will be in the medicine cabinet and lock the curtain clear. The pharmacist was not locked and the curtains are closed. It is impossible to sell dangerous drugs.
  1. Medicine Such as herbal medicine and a self medication which customers can choose to buy their own.
  1. Vitamins Supplements and cosmeceuticals This is the only available drug ecstasy Plus, customers can buy it on their own, so they can be sold at any time as well. It is evident that the seller does not have a pharmacist on duty when the drug is dangerous only. But there are products that customers can buy yourself more.

Question: How is the transport and prescriptions.

Posted: ecstasy Plus system to order and warehouse distribution. The types of drugs The standard and controlled from within the warehouse to the delivery process. The system order is an order via Online.

Question:  There is no experience in running the service. And store management before. Seven states will be able to manage and drug ecstasy Plus or not.

A: The selection process owners and franchisees. The company has a process of learning. The process works for the new owner. Both in theory and practice It is not necessary to have experience in the service or administration can start learning to manage the process of training,. Along with training to improve their knowledge with the owner on a quarterly basis




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