Journey to success as a business owner,

franchise 7-Eleven stores and drug eXta Plus.



Sponsored by the company

  • Investment in equipment
  • Decoration and renovation stores.
  • Investment products throughout the contract period.
  • Awareness and management techniques to manage the store. By providing training in both the theory and the practice.

Serving in various areas throughout the contract period.

  • Delivery Officer of the Company. To assist in various functions during the initial operation.
  • Sending officials Counseling to help solve various problems regularly. Or, as the case has been appealed.
  • Delivery performance and quality. usually
  • To help monitor the warehouse inventory.
  • To help monitor the store in various fields.
  • The introduction of knowledge and techniques that have been newly developed. To improve things for the better.
  • Advertising through various media and promotional items on a regular basis to determine the plan of the company.
  • other