How to be Franchise and Qualify


Qualifications of applicants

  • A person who can establish legal entities . Registered in the country
  • With a registered capital of one million baht
  • The availability of investment .
  • Compliance with regulations and company standards strictly .
  • Love, patience, indefatigable work – time management shop – can be trained to manage the store .
  • Availability of personnel
  • The applicant for the license Or a direct relative Pharmacists are licensed pharmacy only (case open 7-Eleven stores with pharmacies eXta Plus).

Proof of application

  • The application with photo and ID card .
  • House registration documents
  • Copy of Statement for the past 3 months .
  • Or a deposit account for the past 6 months .
  • Medical certificate ( Submitted before the training )
  • Licensed pharmacist pharmacists obtain permission or a direct relative of the applicant for the license . (Partnerships)